Turn Your iPhone into the Perfect Workout Buddy

Turn Your iPhone into the Perfect Workout Buddy

There are so many fitness apps out there. For sure the TOP 5 fitness Apps are not necessarily the best. They just got there first. As for the rest of the fitness Apps, if you sift through most of them (let's be honest) you might say... "Terrible"?

Most iPhone fitness Apps are made by development teams that don't know much about training and are just looking to make a quick buck.  is a new internet workout design company that sells workouts on your iPhone. I've been a trainer for 12 years in Santa Barbara, and believe me when I say, it's by no accident that their iPhone app after years of development, is rising quickly in the sea of junk fitness Apps. Furthermore, people need to spend less time looking down at the phone while tracking, and more time training correctly with balanced workouts. My job is to come up with the most effective and creative workouts - balanced, challenging, and complete.

If you’re looking to turn your iPhone into the perfect exercise companion then Full Fitness could be the App you’re looking for – it boasts a huge exercise list and includes some unexpectedly useful features!

 This iPhone fitness program evolved over a 10-year period and is tested by real trainers, who train groups with it every day, all day long. This workout program builds you into an athlete from the ground up starting at "foundations, beginner, intermediate," and progressing you into "advanced and elite" levels. Typical workouts involve starting with band activation, and doing full body functional training circuits, with weights, core, cardio and agility (the workouts you probably should be doing... Right chest and biceps guy?). Let's not forget about the body maintenance. The more you train, the more you need to stretch, ice and get massage! Ever heard of a foam roller to relieve back, hip and overall muscle tightness? It's all part of the program. So if you like Gym Jones, Cross-fit, Mens Health, or UFC, then you are going to like this too. The only difference is with "Fitmap30" safety is number one.

User Interface
It uses a simple tab bar for navigation, an example of good functional design, and makes nice use of a red and grey color scheme. The best design features become obvious as you begin to truly use the app: the exercise photographs are a good quality and the graphs look great once you’ve filled them with data!

The primary functionality of Full Fitness is to provide you with a huge database of exercises and routines that will get you that much nearer to your fitness goals. You can’t argue with the database on the detail front – it includes over 300 exercises, all with pictures, videos, and text instructions for the uninitiated.

Simply tap the video icon on the exercise page to see a short demonstration!

In addition to the detailed explanation of all the exercises, I find the solid categorization of all the exercises a really nice touch. You can search by body part, specific muscle (using a rather medical diagram), or equipment. The list of immediate categories is a good way to get started and includes such areas as:


The Equipment List 

Alongside the database of exercises Full Fitness also provides users with some predefined workout programs and the ability to create and customise their own workouts, allowing you to tailor them to your own specific needs. The preset programs are in two categories; sports-specific and goal-orientated.
Workout Programs

The goal-orientated programs include such workouts as:

    Beginner Program
    Weight Loss Program
    Muscle Building Program
    Business Travel Workout
    30 Minute Chest Workout
    And many more…

Tracking Your Routines

Full Fitness also allows you to add your own custom exercises so you can keep track of those as well.

For those of us who are less concerned with pushing up weight and reps and are instead aiming for more long term goals, Full Fitness also allows you to track your progress in a less time intensive way. You can monitor your body weight, BMI, and measurements.

Tracking Your Weight and BMI ,Counting Calories

It’s really useful to be able to track your weight and BMI if you’re pushing for a more healthy lifestyle, and Full Fitness does both of these things elegantly. It also includes a calorie counter – a clear attempt at broadening the scope of the app. However, it becomes a rather laborious task to keep track of your food intake on Full Fitness, if that is what you want then there are better Apps out there!

Final Thoughts

 It’s one of the more popular workout apps, is well priced at $0.99, and takes over from the excellent iFitness App that ranked very highly in its day!

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