Exercises to flatten the abdominal muscles

* Loss of fat is not only through sports clubs And galleries "gym", but can any human being has his body fat or Abdominal fat by exercising and doing some household (IE Exercising at home).
Where there is a misperception that when some of us lose Tools Weight located in the halls of the specialized is the means Only able to blind him and weight .. However, this is
True at all, even between the walls of the house can the person To fight fat, with the caveat of the importance of diet To achieve his goal. Exercises for abdominal Atralat

Household exercises to relax

* Exercise to relax:
- There are no less important exercises in the necessity for other types of exercises The other relaxation exercises, and should be careful in the exercise of rights The following steps:
1 - All Members relax tight all the time, such as the feet and toes Foot, hand, wrist and shoulders.
2 - Learn to get a sense of the right to lengthen.
3 - Ensure the integrity of the lower back, head and shoulders and foot during Do any exercises or exercise of any activity during the day.
4 - to adapt to changing conditions that occur in the body every day.

Exercises to lose weight

Exercises To burn calories
* Exercises to lose weight (exercises to burn calories Thermal):There are many sporting activities that can be exercised In order to burn Calories .. The key to weight loss!* Exercise:- Aerobic exercises from one of the activities that help the individual To lose weight.How many calories are burned varies depending on the effect Exercises, but on average is usually between 295-604 Per hour.

Eating healthy food is balanced

Eating healthy food is balanced :
This means eating different types of food but without eating a large amount Of calories or a large amount of one type of food.
- There are ten ideas that we can to follow this advice And enjoy dining at the same time:
1) eat a wide variety of food-rich materials Food:
Everyone needs to 40 different type of food to good health, as One type of food is inadequate. Types of foods you eat each day Should include: bread (or types made of apostasy), fresh fruits,
Vegetables, dairy products, meat, poultry, fish, and the types of Other foods that contain protein.
We must adopt the amount of food you eat to the rate of calorie Heat that you need.

Steps calculated from food and sport

* Steps calculated from food and sport:
- Balance the food you eat and the daily activity you do.
- I enjoy different kinds of food but not too much of any kind.
- March daily walk, they are considered the easiest and most sports.
- Always remember that moderation is the key to good health, and balance between the types of
The food you eat throughout the week, not per day.
- Food systems employed by some people do not continue for a long time,
Even people who are dieting and weight increases after To stop these diets. So I better learn how to eat Sound manner.

Snacks and fitness

* Snacks and fitness:
- Became snacks are described as responsible for the epidemic Spread Obesity among many people.But If the rights of utilizing properly the results will come good Fitness and positive "light mail health challenge your appetite and keep Over your ideal weight but lose pounds of weight and energy in support Your body. 
In order to better health:
- Reducing the Calories 
, according to a study published in the Gazette British Medical that people who consume many of the meals Light in addition to their daily diets are ratios Have less cholesterol than those who eat

Eight drinks for Health and Fitness

Eight drinks for Health and Fitness :

Do you want to enjoy the strongest Immune system and the mood of moderate and high fitness ..
And more and more. When considering the best drinks you will respond immediately Water, but there are many Drinks and other liquids that deserve to be add to your diet "Are some drinks that have tremendous health benefits from treatment or Prevention of some minor health problems such as Indigestion and ends such as the protection of the most serious
Osteoporosis,  which is ingested eight choices easy :

Ten Commandments in the proper nutrition

Ten Commandments in the proper nutrition

1 - chew food well and avoid speeding in the meal so you do not get  digestive disorders

2 - Avoid drinking water during the meal so as not exposed to chronic swells ... and eating between meals in small doses, it helps to diuresis and elimination of toxins.
3 - Drink a cup of water on an empty stomach .... am benefit your health and protect you from many diseases.

Proper nutrition

A healthy diet is a balanced diet that contains all the nutrients necessary to ensure the health of the body
Intended food-balanced food that contains all the nutrients necessary for the body and in quantities suitable for everyday needs, and there is no food in nature contains encourages  food, so the process of balance of food depends on the integration of a range of food with each other for the purpose of supplementing deficiencies in value food.

Fitness ( The end ) 5

Willingness to perform physical exercise:
By foot to perform exercises to prepare for it must exercise flexibility of the muscles and joints and this is important to everyone, whether athletes or who wish to practice any exercise.
May include exercise flexibility in athletes of all parts of the body or certain parts of the body according to each type of sports to reach the muscle and joint flexibility required and appropriate.
The muscle strength training may be a private individual athletes without ordinary practitioners of the sport and usually requires stress and muscle training at frequent intervals in order to develop and grow long distances, for example, develop strong muscles and lower limbs.
For athletes, the end of the training is to acquire certain skills and development in accordance with a program that helps the development of sporty performance in posts and sports competitions.
The important point must be alert them that the purpose of participating in any exercise program does not bear fruit only after a period of time so you should not rush or do much more than energy but results are personal and will be counterproductive and sports injuries occur and the infection worsens, the disease was present.
It must therefore be understanding that we are through the exercise we want to improve our health and  physical and general appearance of the focus on gaining technical skills, sports and ordered for the athletes.
It must also be objective and clear selection of physical activity appropriate and should preferably be within the age group are similar to prepare for such participation dress sports and choose the right place and right time, without exposure to the atmosphere is extremely hot or cold and follow the instructions when you perform physical exercise as any infection will frustrate the owner and pay to move away from the activity.
The importance of sports for chronic diseases:
- Cardiovascular disease.
Idle workers from the risk factors that lead to infection in adults artery disease.The proportion of serious injury and significantly in the case of smoking, high blood pressure with a high level of cholesterol and fats in the blood and becomes a disease is chemical heart muscle to be expected at any moment. But when patients exposed to these risks physical activity physical exercise have achieved success in moving away from injury and by a large margin.aerobic walking for a distance of 2-3 kilometers, or for half an hour is necessary especially for people who have no factor of risk factors such as high pressure and high level of fat in the blood and aerobic exercises will help to stay away from unhealthy habits such as smoking and harmful.
- Prevention of infection high blood pressure.
Result in high blood pressure to the problems of multiple health and the impact of sport positive on blood pressure is installed Doing physical activity helps to lower blood pressure and this is useful, especially in the case of a slight rise, or average, but at higher pressure significantly to be the use of treatment and the use of sport in this case is a contributing factor to treatment, and the truth is a decrease blood pressure in the state of relaxation and rest after physical activity, but this does not apply to some sports that require effort muscle fixed, such as wrestling and weight lifting because of the effort and muscle contraction associated with tension psychological that does not allow for patients the heart of the play these games, so do not happen to have problems for the circulatory system and heart, so Valtmarin aerobic (walking, jogging, swimming, cycling) is suitable for ordinary people despite the rise in blood pressure slightly during the activity or effort because it starts to decline after the minutes.
Cardiac rehabilitation.
The development of appropriate software and a special activity of motor and perform regular exercise would be beneficial for these patients, since exercise influence in two ways first improve fitness physical and the second to help strengthen the heart muscle itself and that note of individuals who engage in physical activity regularly lower heart rate and a further decline in the rate of blood pressure  singling out low-dormant movement.
The sport of regular elements of assistance for the prevention of osteoporosis as it increases bone mass during childhood and youth, usually in middle age will be decrease in the exposed bone mass equal to the men and women and accelerates it to the women after the cessation of the menstrual cycle and this is what makes women more vulnerable risk of osteoporosis and fractures.And women who engage in sports activities ranging from age 20 to age 80 at least three times a week are less vulnerable to a thinning of the bones compared with women Vlat in the same age.
Studies have shown that exercise increases the effectiveness of insulin secretion and thus increasing combustion of glucose in the exercises also help maintain normal weight increase.
Malignant neoplasms.There is research to suggest that the life of inactivity increase the exposure of breast cancer and colon cancer.
Mental health.
Of sports activity has helped, in the development of the ability of the individual to bear the psychological pressure to the low level of tension after the activity of sports and in patients with depression to improve mood as well as in those who suffer from anxiety or sleep disturbance to the need of the body especially the muscular system and nervous system to rest after the effort and energy to burn.
- Prevention of disability at the age of progress.
The habit of performing sports activities since an early age will benefit when the aging process.
Studies have shown that the incidence of disability or inability to carry the burdens of daily life in the aging than in individuals inactive and less in people who are accustomed to the practice of physical activity at an early age, indicating the role of positive and useful for sports in general and that will prevent deterioration of health, God willing, for the elderly This draws attention to the importance of attention to the rehabilitation of older people to be able to exercise their daily lives easily and naturally and good psychological condition when the ability to enjoy normal life without the need to help others in the district of the affairs of normal life

Fitness ( The concept of fitness ) 4

We can provide a general definition and a comprehensive concept of fitness away from the components and elements of the five mentioned above, and the balance between these components equal Fitness healthy and sound to the human body, and you'll examine each element separately, and put your hand on the strengths and weaknesses and addressing your weaknesses because it affects your health in general
The concept of fitness:
Differs from the concept of fitness to sports for the average person, For sports to be fit to have the capacity to withstand long-term effort, muscle and endurance to perform physical activity required of him.
The concept of fitness for the average person is associated with the ability to carry the burdens of daily life smoothly and easily with the ability to undertake the effort with the emergency when necessary to maintain good health and satisfaction with myself as far as is possible.
And can enumerate the elements of physical fitness and shortened as follows:
• muscles (strength, flexibility)
• circulatory system tract.
• weight and physical structure.
• Compatibility neuromuscular.

The more the ability to move muscles and joints increased flexibility and greater muscle growth and training to bear the increased effort of fitness muscular strength, agility and ability to perform rapid movements of the follow-up.
The respiratory and cardiac important role in increasing the ability to perform physical activity and physical burdens to do.
Add to that the fitness is improving and evolving with the increase in muscle structure and the lack of fatty tissue in the body and maintaining an appropriate weight.
There is no doubt that the consensus is developing neuromuscular gain muscle strength and the ability to perform movements in the shortest time possible.
It is known that any physical effort increases in energy consumption and the need for more oxygen, which is an important element in the continuation of physical activity is the provision of adequate amount of oxygen through the activity sports, up to absorb a greater quantity of air, this happens in so-called sports aerobic walking, jogging, swimming and riding a bicycle, but if the amount of oxygen has become insufficient for the continuation of physical activity, and this happens because of the effort is more than physical ability is up to the process of providing the body with energy combustion process where anaerobic glycolysis is the absence of oxygen also occurs in the latter stages of races.

Measuring fitness
Before going into the facts associated with physical activity must be addressed to the lifestyle that was experienced by people past that simply were not comfort and luxury available as at the present time was the physical effort is achieving through the pursuit of rights to provide live, and the pattern of his life and work, where he was gaining a strong structure and fitness through a pattern of life of which are imposed upon the vigor and vitality because of work and different ways of life was dependent p Li estimated physical and physical efficiency.
For more information on fitness of any individual there are ways to measure which can identify the individual's physical ability and physical health.
What matters in this area is addressed to measure cardiac and respiratory fitness is by measuring the greatest potential for the body to make oxygen consumption during maximum physical effort as possible where it can be to increase the maximum oxygen consumption during exercise performance of highly vulnerable to 10-20.
There are multiple ways to measure used in the assessment of cardiovascular function and the league and are in the physiological laboratories using:
- Treadmill Test

- Testing of Bicycle Ergo Meter
There are simple ways to measure fitness cardiorespiratory or aerobic fitness, such as a test measuring the time required to run a certain distance a mile or mile and a half, or measuring the distance traveled during the run for 12 minutes so they can measure the body's ability to take and transfer of oxygen to the tissues and muscles.
The fitness tests for the young and the young can be used as a guide in the selection of appropriate physical activity. And repeat the test can give a clear idea of ​​the amount of development that has been on the fitness.
Awareness of the importance of physical activity:

The lives of many in the modern world depends on the availability of civilization to us from the comfort and well-being physical became the movement are few and physical activity does not exist except in a narrow range in addition to the psychological pressures and life, which leads to life there is much risk of health problems suffered by the individual, we can say that the rate of heart disease increased with the increasing reliance on the comforts and well-being, physical inactivity associated style food is available when the need for excessive amounts of energy needed by the body standing, with her weight and blood pressure rise and harden the arteries of heart disease will become more general thoracic including irregular rhythm.
The possibility of physical realization of the benefits of an enlisted man can be done through a training program of moderate intensity does not cause fatigue and stress and increases gradually reduce specific can be done without damage or injury to people.
The important question is about how to access for community members to encourage them to participate in the performance of physical exercise and the statement of the health benefits that will benefit them after changing their daily habits and add movement.
The way to do that is to describe those benefits for all ages and both sexes to encourage them to start and continue according to the firm foundations that the realization of this goal requires a healthy and socially conscious to ensure that more individuals to subscribe to programs of physical activity.
It is no secret the media's role in that, especially with the participation of athletes, the stars, where it will be their influence on the young and young people to highlight the role of sport and its impact on the general appearance of the individual and remove them from bad habits and bad, such as smoking, and clarified to them that sport is a way to gain skills and physical capabilities of physical and improve the mental state and mood, with clarification that the sport is a means of preserving the health and well-being of chronic diseases and assist in the treatment as the positive physiological changes are the result of normal physical activity.

Fitness ( Flexibility & Physical configuration ) 3

Is the ability to extend the muscles and ligaments. And we mean to increase flexibility for the extension of flexible tissue their natural limits and keep them on this situation for a few moments, and with the repetition of this process adapted to the new borders with tissue. The more flexible body, the lower the risk of injury to any harm or damage when your practice for any athletic activity but also raises the level of your performance
Useful tips:
Of exercise warm-something necessary and important before starting any athletic activity is Fitness Do not be so susceptible to cramps, and expands after physical activity relaxes muscle stress and prevent cramps. Taking into account the sense of these exercises as the only effort made so as not to cause any pain affect the human body. Simplest muscles in certain areas of your body in one day and be on a regular basis at least several times per week

Fitness ( Muscular strength & endurance ) 2

Muscle strength:
Is the ability of muscles of the body to generate a degree of power in a short period using the energy that does not rely on oxygen. These exercises help strengthen muscles and increase the size but increase the volume of tissue and the related increase in intensity because these exercises lead to muscle building and expansion of cells. Aside from an aesthetic standpoint, the greater the size of the muscle and tissue related whenever the body more flexible and less vulnerable to damage when the incidents, and helps to control your weight over the long term, as can tissue surrounding muscles burn more calories than fat, even during periods of rest

Fitness First Episode ( general fitness ) 1

May stand bewildered and ask yourself about the concept of fitness right, and despite the presence of several concepts vary according to people because it means some are "slim waist" and found at some other "weight appropriate" and others of concern for them, "general feeling of well-being and health", but The most important thing for the appropriate definition of the word is to look at the wider concept and a more comprehensive, the fitness not just talking about power or probability or proportion of fat, but it combines all that it is possible that youhave the stamina and you have no flexibility Or be strong and do not have the power of possibility, and conclude from all this that we cannot provide a definition of a general and comprehensive concept of fitness away from the components and elements of five and are
(strength and endurance in the presence of energy dependent on oxygen, muscle strength, power muscular endurance, flexibility, physical configuration )

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