Exercises to flatten the abdominal muscles

* Loss of fat is not only through sports clubs And galleries "gym", but can any human being has his body fat or Abdominal fat by exercising and doing some household (IE Exercising at home).
Where there is a misperception that when some of us lose Tools Weight located in the halls of the specialized is the means Only able to blind him and weight .. However, this is
True at all, even between the walls of the house can the person To fight fat, with the caveat of the importance of diet To achieve his goal. Exercises for abdominal Atralat
(Exercise I):
This exercise is useful in burning fat Upper and lower abdomen. To be heating steps prior to the exercise. If there was a sense of pain, other than Prolongation must immediately stop doing the exercise.
- Is relaxing on the back.
- Individual arms on both sides of the body, so that the hands Next to the buttocks.
- Raise the legs at an angle of 90 degrees, then put one of two men Above the other in the development of the intersection at the ankles.
- Stay on this situation a little, and then taken back to the development of Parallelism uploaded before.
- Reduction of the two men gradually down towards the ground, so that There is a space separator between the two men and the earth is estimated at 1 / 25 cm.
- Put the two men once again in the intersection at the ankle, And wait a bit on this situation.
- Bring the two men to develop a parallel, and then raising them again
And repeat the exercise.
- Exercise is repeated from 10-12 times .. And you will see Result.
(Exercise II):
This exercise is useful in the fat Abdomen when girls and boys.
- Lie on your back.
- Put your hands next to the buttocks.
- The two men in the development of individual integrity.
- Without giving any consolidation of the two men are raising them from 20-25Cm away from the earth.
- Stay put uploaded this a bit.
- Reduction of the two men then gradually to the ground, where the situation The original two.
- Are performing this exercise to lose abdominal fat of 12-15 Once a day.
(Exercise III):
This exercise is beneficial to the bottom of the fat Abdomen.
- Lie on the floor on the back.
- Individual Alderamin on both sides of the body, so that the hands Next to the buttocks.
- To ensure the integrity of the legs.
- Raise the legs up so that they angle (90 degrees C).
- Stay on this situation a bit.
- Reduction of the two men slowly towards the ground.
- Repeat the exercise from 10-12 times throughout the day to get
(Exercise IV):
This exercise is useful for both Men and women to lose fat Abdomen.
- Lie on the floor on the back.
- D-men in the development of integrity in front of the body.
- Interlace the fingers of the hands and put them behind the head.
- Directed by inspiration while lifting head and shoulders and back away On the ground until access to the sitting position.- Take a deep breath during the return to the starting position And lying on his back.
- Repeat performance of this exercise 12-15 times.
(Exercise V):
This exercise, the effectiveness of his stunning loss of fat Abdomen.
- Lie on your back.
- When the men bending the knees.
- Feet fixed on the ground.
- Develop Ankle of the right leg above the knee of the left foot.
- Interlace fingers and put them behind the neck.
- Raise the head and shoulders away from Earth.
- Tweaked the body to the right side with the attempt to touch the elbow The left arm of the knee right leg.
- Return to the starting position and sleep on your back again.
- In order to make the interest of her exercise needs to be replicated Of 12-15 times with each side.
(Exercise VI)
Exercise of the following simple exercises known and common That burn fat Abdomen.
- Lie on your back.
- Bending my knees, legs and feet installed on the ground so Be near the buttocks.
- Interlace fingers and put them behind the head.
- Take some deep breaths, and lift head and shoulders away from the Earth With an attempt to reach to the knees.
- Return to starting position and repeat exercise 15 times. Exercises for belly fat
(Exercise VII)
This exercise is exercise walking, many of us do not know that Walking helps to have fat
Abdomen - are exercising at home If there were bike traffic (Treadmill).
- Must be the person walking fast (not slow Like walking) to burn fat.
- It is essential that the person engages in walking long distances even notes Difference before and after the time of time.(Exercise VIII)
Exercise jump rope is very useful to get rid of fat Abdomen, Does not take this exercise a time or several steps of its performance.
- You can jump rope exercise workout early in the morning before Exercising any routine daily activity, or after returning from work In the evening.
- The use of a rope for performing this exercise.
- You can listen to music during exercise because the exercise A person feel a bit tired with him.
- Ranking in the performance of the exercise to begin ten minutes until Access to half an hour.
- There are multiple styles of jump rope :
A - jump with both feet once in the air.
B - the rotation of the feet, jumping in one of the feet followed by Other.
C - jump to the top of the feet with the rope swing and then twice Down.
D - jumping splice using both of them in the direction of abuse.
- There are multiple benefits in the exercise of jumping exercise Rope:
A - jump style is fixed during the entire exercise, burning of 800 - 1000 Calories per hour.
B - strengthens the calf and arm, shoulder and abdominal muscles.
C - does not cause stress to the knee, as occurs with running.
D - does not burn calories, but burn fat under The skin.
E - Supports metabolic rates, and to preserve the survival of Rates high for a period of time even after the completion of the The performance of the exercise.
(Exercise IX):
And call it exercise Bike. Can be used in performing this exercise Bicycle Fixed, any exercise at home.
- Can also be exercised in an outdoor bike ride Familiar to us all. The advantage of riding a bike in the open air as the person to earn Shift away from the house, besides being able
Inhalation of fresh air and entry to the lungs. 
Tips for sports bike to lose abdominal fat For beginners:
- Must choose the appropriate bike for the person that fit The dimensions of his hands and feet.
- Choose a comfortable seat wide so as not to skin Buttocks of the congestion.
- Height adjustment of the seat so as not to be as high or low Great extent, which does not give the rider comfort, and better The situation is into which the feet on the pedal with Slight bow of the knees.
- Do not move the upper part of the body while driving Bike, but the two men only, to move the knees to Forward and back, and not to the side.
- Use of tools to ride a bike helmet on the head And hands in gloves and boots comfortable prove the pedal, Nzart Protective eye .. With wearing clothes that work on the absorption Race.
- Exercise gradually, and always look forward to To avoid any accidents.
- Protection of the body from exposure to drought.
- Ensure the safety of the bike.
(Exercise X):
And call it exercise Running. Can be used in performing this exercise Bicycle traffic, any exercise at home.
Can also exercise in the open air Running, in the club or in the places allocated to it. Of very useful exercises to burn fat
Abdominal jogging, where you burn fat more about any Other exercises may be performed by the person.
There are multiple benefits for the sport of running, including:
- Running strengthens the muscles of the respiratory system, and thus flow The best of air to the lungs.
- Running strengthens the heart muscle, and supports the pumping of blood to and from it, And activates the blows instead of being in a vegetative state.
- Running strengthens the muscles of the body and not the entire respiratory Muscle and heart only.
- Streaming supports blood circulation and prevents infection of human High blood pressure.
- Streaming is working to increase Red blood cells the body, which regulates Download
Oxygen to the body.
- Running stimulates the growth of bone density, thus avoiding injury both Men and women in the future osteoporosis.
- Streaming Rights to help the extra kilos Of weight, including the running of activities that are effort Great effort by this means burning more Calories and therefore lose weight. The rates
Metabolism in a state of activity that will last for hours After you finish running, Vajeri with dieting
Will certainly true treatment for obesity.
- Makes a man running in a good mood, where the secretion The article "Alindovrin," which earned a sense of human happiness, So we find that the runners are better because the nerves running quietly Alleviate the devastating effects of pressure is also a Effective treatment for simple cases of depression. However, jogging on the other side, must be exercised
The right way which avoids the person's exposure to injury:
- To be gradually jog.
- To be warm-up exercises first.
- Wear appropriate sports shoe comfortable.
- Do not run and the stomach is full, and preferably during the morning run Morning or at night.
- Must see a doctor before exercising, especially jogging If the person is suffering from health problems, or over fifty Years.
- To ensure the correct body position while running, with Vajeri Lack of commitment to develop the correct body leads to injuries And a sense of Pain in the lower back and in the Knee joints, and reduces the speed of the person. Which is in the following:
First Place:
When many of us to exercise by jogging the first mode Be wrong for the head, there is bound to find the person cast his head To the bottom of the direction of where to boot or to the track
Which takes place .. Vtdlip head to the bottom of a strain on Constriction of the neck and back muscles thus causing pain And injuries. To be a concern for the integrity of the head and Out over the horizon. Second Shoulder:
If true, put your shoulders Fisseksp person in the speed Grey, and run well back on the error is that many of us also During his indulgence in the sport of running pull the muscles of the  shoulders And submit them to the top, but the situation is right for them relax Slightly at the low level of two.
Third hand and well-being:
Hand tighten the grip of be in the running for one purpose only:
"There is a haunted person and you want to sign him punishment and siege!"
This relates to the third mistake of putting the hands provisions of the grip means More pressure on the hands, there is no need to do so and leave your hands Bharithma being careful not to Tibsama at any stage of the Running. Move both arms forward and back when Level between the lower chest and waist, and not to Trireme The two sides because the lateral movement of the two hinder the movement of Person.
Fourth, the trunk and pelvis:
Ensure the integrity of the trunk, and as long as the head in itsIntegrity will be straight trunk is the development of automatic.
The usefulness of a trunk that can correct the lung Get as much as possible of oxygen and thus speed More in the running. With the trunk and back, but pelvis in the correct position they achieved maximum benefit Of physical activity, proper status of the basin is parallel with Land, including the pelvis center of gravity of the situation is wrong to him Impedes the speed of  hostility.
Fifth leg and foot:
It is important to keep it hostility to lift the knee high To allow him to stride because it will give more impetus when Foot descent to the ground to do the following motion (step Below). The practitioner jogging it normal not to raise Knee to the top of a lot and take the step because the narrow steps Broad requires more energy, with emphasis on relaxation  When the stability of ankle foot on the ground.

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hann said...

The best way to burn abdominal fat is; instead of focusing so much on abdominal exercises, focus on a full body systemized workout that will increase your overall metabolic rate and as a result dramatically stimulate your bodys hormonal response to burning fat.

bloggertato said...

What I'm trying to say here is that exercise is indispensable
Especially in times where the current spread laziness

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