Eight drinks for Health and Fitness

Eight drinks for Health and Fitness :

Do you want to enjoy the strongest Immune system and the mood of moderate and high fitness ..
And more and more. When considering the best drinks you will respond immediately Water, but there are many Drinks and other liquids that deserve to be add to your diet "Are some drinks that have tremendous health benefits from treatment or Prevention of some minor health problems such as Indigestion and ends such as the protection of the most serious
Osteoporosis,  which is ingested eight choices easy :

1 - green tea: 
- Benefits:
Reduces the risk of osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease,And decay. Green tea contains a high concentration of the subjects of A Natural antioxidants protect cells from the cancer And limit the growth of Tumors and through the assistance of free radicals Barmaid In the body. And antioxidants found in green tea also protect from Heart disease by working on relaxation of blood vessels And prevent the blood clots that help to trigger the infection Heart attack and stroke Stroke. Green tea also contains the Fluoride Which strengthens the teeth and likewise also the article "flavonoids" which Adopt Bone, thereby reducing green tea from the risk of Osteoporosis and tooth decay.

2 - mint tea:
- Benefits:
Relieves muscle tension and protects against infection indigestion because the anti-mint Cramps and works to relax muscles and make fighting the stiffness and pain. Peppermint tea helps in the process of digestion by stimulating the movement of food in
Intestine through the gastrointestinal tract.

3 - Skim milk by 1%: 
- Benefits:
Helps protect against osteoporosis because it contains components Healthy meal of carbohydrates, proteins and a little fat, which Absorbed by the human body is slowly but effect remains for a long period of time.
It also helps the stability of the proportion of milk Blood sugar, and a source of  calcium because it contains
Vitamin (d), which is important to maximize the absorption of calcium, It also helps the body to stop storing fat and studies have shown That modern women who consume three - four servings of products . Low-fat dairy (including milk, of course) lose almost twice the Weight of those who dairy products in smaller quantities, "Calcareous  Makes the cells of the body burns fat instead of being stored in "This makes the goal of Maintain weight and fitness goals too easy.
Calories = 120 / 8 ounces, the ounce = about 31 grams)

4 - Soy milk
- Benefits:
Reduces the chances of exposure of heart disease, because soy milk Contains Soluble fiber, soy protein, which reduces the Cholesterol , (Low density and Housemaid bad cholesterol) and triglycerides , also reduces the risk of vascular disease Vessels. If you drink soy milk instead of cow's milk will find it indispensable Calcium and vitamin (A) and vitamin (D). Soy milk contains a substance "Heterogeneous" This is a warning of it because this article linked to breast cancer susceptibility , So should consult a physician before drinking soy milk if the women Date and genotype in the family of breast cancer.
- Calories = 81 / 8 ounces).

5 - hot chocolate: 
- Benefits:
Alter the mood and protects against heart disease. More Chocolate of the secretion of "serotonin", which is responsible for organizing Mood (low levels of serotonin are linked Depression) and that cocoa rich in "Polyphenols" It is an anti-oxidant protecting cells from oxidative damage, which reduces the High density lipoprotein cholesterol levels (good cholesterol levels), which put Person's susceptibility to heart attacks.
- Calories = 195 / 8 ounces of homemade cocoa, 115 / powder mixture.

6 - tomato juice a little salt:
- Benefits:
Protects many of the diseases of cancer, and tomato products are treated , The richest source of antioxidant (lycopene - Lycopene), which is linked to reducing the exposure Diseases Lung cancer, stomach and pancreas Similarly, esophagus and mouth And breast and cervical Uterus. And lycopene also protects the heart and lung damage , It also prevents oxidation between the incidence of cardiovascular disease.
- Calories = 31 / six ounces.

7 - berry juice:
- Benefits:
Prevent gum disease, and research indicates that the same Anti-bacterial properties, which are fighting Sir berries , Urinary tract infection. And the theory of experts that a component juice
Berries, which have "Nondialysable material" , Prevent bacteria from sticking to the gums. But scientists worry about nutrition juice , This fruit to sugar so it is advisable not to consume more than one cup , Day (6-8 ounces).
- Calories = 140 / 8 oz.

8 - Orange juice:
- Benefits:
Protected from infection , Cataracts, cancer and malformations Congenital and activates
The immune system, an important source Vitamin (c). The orange juice is an antioxidant that protects , Many diseases, including the white water (cloud consisting The lens of the eye, which may lead to blindness) and lung cancer. Heat Vitamin (c) of oxidative damage, which makes the cancer cells also strengthens And function of immune cells, which can be the body fight infection efficiently High. The orange juice is a good source Of folate Which protects against neural tube defects Of embryos If you want to protect the bone you can try fortified orange juice Calcium.
- Calories = 115 / 8 oz.

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