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Willingness to perform physical exercise:
By foot to perform exercises to prepare for it must exercise flexibility of the muscles and joints and this is important to everyone, whether athletes or who wish to practice any exercise.
May include exercise flexibility in athletes of all parts of the body or certain parts of the body according to each type of sports to reach the muscle and joint flexibility required and appropriate.
The muscle strength training may be a private individual athletes without ordinary practitioners of the sport and usually requires stress and muscle training at frequent intervals in order to develop and grow long distances, for example, develop strong muscles and lower limbs.
For athletes, the end of the training is to acquire certain skills and development in accordance with a program that helps the development of sporty performance in posts and sports competitions.
The important point must be alert them that the purpose of participating in any exercise program does not bear fruit only after a period of time so you should not rush or do much more than energy but results are personal and will be counterproductive and sports injuries occur and the infection worsens, the disease was present.
It must therefore be understanding that we are through the exercise we want to improve our health and  physical and general appearance of the focus on gaining technical skills, sports and ordered for the athletes.
It must also be objective and clear selection of physical activity appropriate and should preferably be within the age group are similar to prepare for such participation dress sports and choose the right place and right time, without exposure to the atmosphere is extremely hot or cold and follow the instructions when you perform physical exercise as any infection will frustrate the owner and pay to move away from the activity.
The importance of sports for chronic diseases:
- Cardiovascular disease.
Idle workers from the risk factors that lead to infection in adults artery disease.The proportion of serious injury and significantly in the case of smoking, high blood pressure with a high level of cholesterol and fats in the blood and becomes a disease is chemical heart muscle to be expected at any moment. But when patients exposed to these risks physical activity physical exercise have achieved success in moving away from injury and by a large margin.aerobic walking for a distance of 2-3 kilometers, or for half an hour is necessary especially for people who have no factor of risk factors such as high pressure and high level of fat in the blood and aerobic exercises will help to stay away from unhealthy habits such as smoking and harmful.
- Prevention of infection high blood pressure.
Result in high blood pressure to the problems of multiple health and the impact of sport positive on blood pressure is installed Doing physical activity helps to lower blood pressure and this is useful, especially in the case of a slight rise, or average, but at higher pressure significantly to be the use of treatment and the use of sport in this case is a contributing factor to treatment, and the truth is a decrease blood pressure in the state of relaxation and rest after physical activity, but this does not apply to some sports that require effort muscle fixed, such as wrestling and weight lifting because of the effort and muscle contraction associated with tension psychological that does not allow for patients the heart of the play these games, so do not happen to have problems for the circulatory system and heart, so Valtmarin aerobic (walking, jogging, swimming, cycling) is suitable for ordinary people despite the rise in blood pressure slightly during the activity or effort because it starts to decline after the minutes.
Cardiac rehabilitation.
The development of appropriate software and a special activity of motor and perform regular exercise would be beneficial for these patients, since exercise influence in two ways first improve fitness physical and the second to help strengthen the heart muscle itself and that note of individuals who engage in physical activity regularly lower heart rate and a further decline in the rate of blood pressure  singling out low-dormant movement.
The sport of regular elements of assistance for the prevention of osteoporosis as it increases bone mass during childhood and youth, usually in middle age will be decrease in the exposed bone mass equal to the men and women and accelerates it to the women after the cessation of the menstrual cycle and this is what makes women more vulnerable risk of osteoporosis and fractures.And women who engage in sports activities ranging from age 20 to age 80 at least three times a week are less vulnerable to a thinning of the bones compared with women Vlat in the same age.
Studies have shown that exercise increases the effectiveness of insulin secretion and thus increasing combustion of glucose in the exercises also help maintain normal weight increase.
Malignant neoplasms.There is research to suggest that the life of inactivity increase the exposure of breast cancer and colon cancer.
Mental health.
Of sports activity has helped, in the development of the ability of the individual to bear the psychological pressure to the low level of tension after the activity of sports and in patients with depression to improve mood as well as in those who suffer from anxiety or sleep disturbance to the need of the body especially the muscular system and nervous system to rest after the effort and energy to burn.
- Prevention of disability at the age of progress.
The habit of performing sports activities since an early age will benefit when the aging process.
Studies have shown that the incidence of disability or inability to carry the burdens of daily life in the aging than in individuals inactive and less in people who are accustomed to the practice of physical activity at an early age, indicating the role of positive and useful for sports in general and that will prevent deterioration of health, God willing, for the elderly This draws attention to the importance of attention to the rehabilitation of older people to be able to exercise their daily lives easily and naturally and good psychological condition when the ability to enjoy normal life without the need to help others in the district of the affairs of normal life

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