Steps calculated from food and sport

* Steps calculated from food and sport:
- Balance the food you eat and the daily activity you do.
- I enjoy different kinds of food but not too much of any kind.
- March daily walk, they are considered the easiest and most sports.
- Always remember that moderation is the key to good health, and balance between the types of
The food you eat throughout the week, not per day.
- Food systems employed by some people do not continue for a long time,
Even people who are dieting and weight increases after To stop these diets. So I better learn how to eat Sound manner.
- Always try to get out of the house and do various activities, such as exercise
Walking, running or hunting. And get rid of nervous tension and stress.
- Add different types of food
Contains fiber to your diet.
- More of continuous movement because of good health requires at least 30
To 60 minutes of sport or light continuous movement daily.
- Breakfast most important meal throughout the day, so you must maintain
And not be neglected.
- Eating a balanced breakfast every day, give you energy and food
You need, and help you in maintaining your weight.
- Breakfast can be useful to contain
A cup of milk with the type of fruit, juice or a cup with Skimmed yogurt.
- If you can not give enough time for breakfast, you keep some
Light foods that can be dealt with during the day such as fruit or some Vegetables or yogurt and a box of pieces of live Age.
- Remember to eat anything during the day is better than not eating anything at All.
- Do not eat breakfast, you eat more food during
Today and lead to weight gain.
- A piece of white with age and live in a glass of juice can be a meal
Breakfast is ideal.  Never leave a meal of meals.
- Must deal with always adequate nutrition for your body on a regular basis so as not to
Organs of the body begins to store fat and reduce the rate of fat metabolism in The body.
- Eating meals with low calorie or low fat does not make you
Dealing with the quantity that you want as calories increase gradually Must be burning, regardless of the type of food you eat.
- Deal with all kinds of food there is no one kind enough alone.
- Adequate intake of fruit and vegetables a day.
- Eat foods that contain
These species-rich grain food And energy such as carbohydrates, vitamin B and iron.
Meals derived from grains rich in fiber, which Can reduce the proportion of Cholesterol in the blood.
- Cared to read the contents of food, food that contains a high proportion
Of fat or carbohydrates because it limits the proportion of fat lost If you are committed to a specific program of diet to lose weight.
- Do not just rely on a certain amount of food, but the calories
Calories and fat or sugars they contain.
- Meat is the primary key
Of protein, vitamin B, iron and zinc. But it must Eating meat completely free of fat and remove the Fatty pieces of meat whether grilled or cooked Other way.
- Dairy products provide calcium, protein Riboflavin
(A protein found in dairy products) and also vitamin (A) & (B) so Eating foods rich  Calcium will help you avoid injury Osteoporosis and maintain the health of your bones.
- Do physical exercise makes you gain more muscle, and that means you
Burn more Calories even at rest.
- Helps you snacks during the day to gain more
Energy, fiber.
- Eating enough food during the day makes you eat greedily in
End of the day. Must deal with anything light about every 4 hours as it Reduces the intake of large amount of food in the last day.
- Drink at least 2 liters of water per day.
- Keep a light cuisine with you where you can eat during the day
And also a bottle of water or juice to avoid feeling thirsty.
- If you find difficulty in dealing with
Fruit and vegetables constantly, try to add them to the Meals daily. Eating bananas with a glass of milk meal Breakfast, and any type of vegetable (option) with a sandwich in
Mid-day. The afternoon addressed the type of fruit and some Fresh vegetables at dinner. Do not let yourself feel hungry, especially if you eat in Abroad.
- Sign establish a list of your purchase of food in advance, and the most important thing is not to shop
And you feel hungry.

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