Eating healthy food is balanced

Eating healthy food is balanced :
This means eating different types of food but without eating a large amount Of calories or a large amount of one type of food.
- There are ten ideas that we can to follow this advice And enjoy dining at the same time:
1) eat a wide variety of food-rich materials Food:
Everyone needs to 40 different type of food to good health, as One type of food is inadequate. Types of foods you eat each day Should include: bread (or types made of apostasy), fresh fruits,
Vegetables, dairy products, meat, poultry, fish, and the types of Other foods that contain protein.
We must adopt the amount of food you eat to the rate of calorie Heat that you need.
2) Eat plenty of whole grains, fruits and vegetables:
Must be addressed in a suitable amount of rice and bread And different products made from grain. Side of copious quantities of fruit from 250-500 grams. And vegetables from 375-625 grams.
3) Keep your weight on the right:
Ideal weight depends on many factors including: gender (Male, female), height, age, and genetic factors. Increase in body weight increases your chances of high blood pressure, diseases
Heart, stroke, diabetes, and the types of Tumors and other diseases. But at the same time underweight can be dangerous where you Be exposed to osteoporosis, and for women occur in irregular PMS and other health problems. If you regularly lose some kilograms of weight and then gained Again, can help a nutrition expert in this regard by taking Meals are healthy and sound so you can control your body weight. Also, regular exercise helps you maintain a healthy weight.
4) eating moderate amounts of food:
If you eat moderate amounts of food, it would be easy for you That you want to eat and stay in the state of health. For example: the size of a piece of meat to be addressed in today weighs 95
Grams, and the medium piece of fruit weighs 125 grams, and a cup of pasta Equal to 250 grams.
5) Eat regular meals:
Left and the basic meal of meals leads to eating Large in one meal and not control the feeling of hunger. When you feel strongly and do not care about hunger and the need for time to eat healthy food And eating more food. Eat light and healthy between meals Basic help control hunger and thus the lack of intake Great food at one time. But do not eat a lot of this meal
Light so as not to turn into a fourth basic meal.
6) reduced some of the meals do not refrain from addressed:
Deals with a lot of people food for comfort and nutrition The same time. If Oclatk favorite high-fat, or salt or sugar, The key to addressing these brands is the balance, ie, what is the amount that
Dealt with from this food and how many times you eat. Select the basic elements of this material in your meal and add some basic Changes in it if possible. Adults who eat meat are high in
The proportion of fat or full-fat dairy products at every meal is equal to the proportion of Fats are high. Read the contents of the food on each product to help you strike a balance between work and meals Daily. Choose low-fat dairy products and meat pieces and light-free Fat. If you love fried chicken, you just have to reduce the address.
7) The balance between the choice of types of meals:
When you eat type of food is high fat, or salt, or Sugars Then, choose the type of food free of these materials. If it did not address a particular type of food in the Sign on capturing the day
Next until you strike a balance between different types of food. Your choice of the types of food you eat should be balanced and varied.
8) understand well your diet:
In order to improve your diet, you must first understand what is Error in the system. Write down everything you eat for 3 days, for example: Do you put butter in your food or many Fat. Instead of reducing these foods, just reduced the amount you eat
Do you eat enough vegetables and fruits?
Vegetables and fruits give you the elements of food are very useful.
9) Sign changes gradually:
Change your diet will not happen as quickly as you expect  Rapid change can prevent access to success. Start to address the problems that you experience in moderation and, more can be achieved You access to proper diet throughout life and not for long. For example: If you do not taste the taste of skim milk used Low-fat milk. Gradually you will become familiar with the skimmed milk.
10) Always remember .. There is no good food and bad food:
There is no kind of good food and the type of bad, good food type depends On the amount you eat of it. Do not feel guilty because you love fatty dishes, French fries, ice Cream or candy. You can, but eating in moderation and diversity.
* A list of healthy foods:
- This is a proposed list of the types of healthy foods. You must choose foods low in Cholesterol, fat, and salt, and sugars.
- Vegetables: Carrots, corn, broccoli (broccoli), green beans, onions, cucumber, Peas, mushrooms, frozen vegetables problem, potato, spinach And similar types, potatoes, lettuce, green peppers, cabbage, celery, father of the scalp, Garlic.
- Fruits:
Bananas, dates, oranges, watermelon, peach, mango, tomatoes, kiwi, apple, Dried fruit, pineapple, grape, grapefruit, raisins.
- Hors d'oeuvres:
Refundable, sauce, fat-free mayonnaise, ketchup, tomato sauce, spices.
- Fat alternatives for cooking and baking:
Brown sugar, butter, fat-free, egg whites, olive oil, Dried skimmed milk, honey, fruit juices, yogurt or skimmed Non-full-fat, low-fat cheese or whole milk.
- Meat:
Chicks Almakhlip and the issuance of the demilitarized skin, turkey breast Almakhlip and stripped of skin, fish of all kinds, the meat of turkey Light, mild beef, vegetable burger.
- Dairy products:
Skimmed milk or whole milk, cheese, skimmed or Non-full-fat, low-fat yogurt or whole milk, cheese, skimmed Non-fat or whole milk, egg whites.
- Grain:
Bread made of apostasy, pasta (made without eggs), flour Corn, oatmeal.
- Canning:
Fruit, canned beans, vegetables, tomato sauce.
- Herbs and Spices:
Basil, ginger, black pepper, dill, cinnamon, thyme, garlic, pepper Red, saffron, nutmeg.
- Candy:
Tin, yogurt iced skim or low-fat, low-fat cake Or skimmed milk, jelly, fruit and vegetables.
* The relationship between food memory:
Forgot your friend's phone number or where you put the keys?
That your diet has a lot to do with poor memory more of a relationship Age Or genes.
All what you eat affects a significant impact on your memory, your concentration, the level of intelligence and Weak capacity of the brain with age.
- What is the brain?
Although the size of the brain represents only 2% of body weight but he was using the 30% of the calories gained per day. He needs a lot of energy Of carbohydrates.
The brain to burn this energy very quickly, even during sleep that address Breakfast is the best way to store energy throughout the day and avoid any problems Mentality happen to you. After two or three weeks of attendance at breakfast, you will notice Acquire a large amount of energy and mental power, especially if the meal Contains the type of fruit and at least one different sources are rich in protein.
- Example of healthy diet: peanut butter with an orange and a cup of skimmed milk.
- And also the division of diets from four to six snacks per day.
- Avoid meals that contain high calories and meals Large, because the stomach in this case, use a large amount of blood to digest This food, thereby reducing the amount of blood in the brain and you feel tired and slow Thinking.
- Is your diet to lose weight makes you feel tired?
Diet cruel to him more harm than benefits, which Is to deprive you of calories it also affects the
Level of intelligence. There is research confirmed that the individual who gets low in calories because of Dieting food absorb the information slowly and suffers from problems in remembering Things compared to the individual who does not Bergim severe diet And completely contrary to the old system for weight loss is the best way to Ever, where you do not lose more than kilo a week, and thus get rid of Fat, not muscle and keep in a good state of mind.
- Coffee and Focus:
- A cup of coffee a day makes you think and work faster and far the largest.
- But a lot of coffee to him considerable damage.
- Keep the effects of caffeine in the body for more than (15 hours). Cup of coffee or cola in the middle of the day can cause anxiety during sleep and affect the mental ability the next day.
- Coffee and tea contain compounds called "Tammins" which reduce the proportion of food which reaches the brain, such as Iron, and this effect up to 75%.
- Reduce your drinking coffee to less than 2 cups per day and drink tea and coffee between meals and not directly after a meal.
- Iron and memory problems:
- Iron helps transport oxygen to To the cells, especially brain cells. When the low level of iron, the
Cells in need of oxygen and lead to a feeling of fatigue, Memory loss, poor concentration, lack of enthusiasm, attention deficit and low Level of achievement at work.
- Before the menopause women need to (15) milligrams of iron daily But in fact most women get 10 milligrams or less.
- How to increase the proportion of iron?
- Increase eat meals that contain at rates High in iron such as red meat free of fat, Cooked dry beans, peas (peas), vegetables Dark green and dried apricots.
- Cooking utensils made of iron,
Which affect the proportion of iron in pots to eat and thus raise the rate in the diet.
- Drink fresh orange juice with meals Rich in iron, thus helping to absorb more iron.
- Vitamin (b) is important for the brain:
- Lack of a vitamin (b) private (b 1) (b 2) (b 6) (12) with Folic acid makes the brain in great need of energy, lead To the confusion, mood disorder, an inability to think and concentrate, weakness
Memory and the weak capacity of the reaction, and the destruction of mental capacity.
- To increase the proportion of vitamin (B) or (b) Meals, you should eat meals that contain a high proportion of vitamin (B), such as skim milk, yogurt, bananas, fish, And peas (peas) Green.
- As well as medium-dose of vitamins and minerals (under the supervision of a doctor).
- Vitamins against laziness:
- The amount of oxygen the brain consumes more than any Member of the body, and this shows the brain to high doses of (wild sources) A daily basis and produce because of the use of oxygen dramatically, and these sources The destruction of brain cells in the long term. And lead to poor memory This situation is gradually associated with the human being in old age.
- Fortunately, the human body contains antibodies For oxidation of food which contains vitamin C (C), E (E) is the day to stop this activity (wild sources).
- To protect the objects of anti-oxidant
Eating five a day or, preferably, nine types of food anti- Antioxidants such as orange juice, strawberries, carrots, spinach,  And types of different vegetables and fruits.
- Food ideal way to stimulate the brain:
- A balanced breakfast every day.
- Reduce the consumption of caffeine.
- Add this to your diet meals Ideal: red meat, free from fat, Cooked dry beans, vegetables with dark green color, Dried apricots, skimmed milk, skimmed yogurt, bananas, Fish, maize flour, peas (pea) green, orange juice,Strawberries, carrots, spinach, Alcanthelob, and other types of fruit.

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