The list of nine foods, which has been fighting obesity

The list of nine foods, which has been fighting obesity

issued recently in New York City US book (girls hungry, recipes successful to get rid of guilt when eating), which has been listed as US newspaper The New York Times, that the best-selling book, where containing 165 recipe to facilitate the elimination of fat in your life by improving your, and here is one of nine prescriptions, which includes food, which has been fighting obesity.

All the foods, composed of pills that the body in the fight against obesity, especially fat the abdominal region.

Fish of the most prominent foods that contain the so-called PAL (protein simple), protein, which does not need of the body of broken in an effort to reverse (normal protein) there is another food participate in this capacity is (soybean).

Advises usually sprayed a few of Cinnamon to all foods that باكلها since they help to balance the level of blood sugar, in particular, that the increase in the latter, this means increased store fat in the body!.

grapefruit contains changed many of the citrus vitamin C, vitamin, which found that fight fat as well as its strength is oxidization, grapefruit force lies in reducing the levels of insulin in the body where the high rate to a sense of the body with hunger.

Green Tea: 
Classified green tea is the best human food intake at all benefits to reducing the risks of heart diseases, cancer and also helps to weight loss also because it raises metabolism this settles you the basic battle against obesity in addition to interaction occurring between article which claims and caffeine help in the acquisition of tea privilege fat-burning, and green tea is of low calories.

Eating by spices :
Addressing the cuisine متبلة help to increase the secretion of race of the body and increase the heartbeats and thus increased representation food, which lead to fat-burning and spices generally free of calories.

Apple :
apple makes any system to lose weight easy, especially that the existence of an article in apple help to control the quantity of fat cell can any fatty absorbing in addition to the presence of fibre, which always help the body.

Experts recommend nutrition drink a lot of water, especially for those who want to fat-burning, and it needs the body to 8 cups of water per day to carry out this task to the fullest.

Milk :
Assist low-fat milk to the loss of the body more excess weight, in particular, by relying on the work of each of calcium and protein together in the body, a privilege to be relied upon in the war on fat.

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