Physical exercise resist colds

Physical exercise resist colds

People are exposed to HIV constantly colds through mixing in one of the injured have, but not everyone who is exposed to one of the common cold viruses infected .
Says Ron Turner, reported "Aljazeera", a researcher in colds at the University of Virginia, that when one person in the family caught a cold, the rate of transmission among the associated in the House did not exceed 30%, according to the report of the Alison Aubry national radio the US general.
So how people can reduce the possibility of their involvement in 30% who become infected? 

The researchers say there is a strategy could be many benefit, namely increasing the physical exercise daily, published the latest study to monitor the benefits of the sports daily exercises recently in the "British magazine sports medicine."
According to us, a researcher at the University of David's Appalachian Neiman, participated in the study about a thousand volunteers aged between 18 and 85-year-old, filled out diary - throughout the cold season - the symptoms colds, influenza  nose sore throat, cough, fever and headache.
At the end of the three months the study, researchers found that the more the exercise of the participants exercise sports I have said they were hit by colds, those who have exercised exercises five days a week for 20 minutes or more per day for days have witnessed satisfactory less by 40 percent of those who have exercised exercises once a week.
Neiman, says that the matter requires out most days a week for the exercise of sports to achieve real interest.
In another study of the Center for  Cancer Research in Seattle, researchers followed what is happening for older women who had begun when walk five days a week, and reached the benefits of similar.
In fact, scientists are not assured of how to help after exercises in the prevention of colds. But Neiman antenna says that the activity will help to mobilize a group of cells important immune that are distributed in several places in the body, bones or swollen lymph nodes.
In the view of Neiman that the exercise of exercise will start these cells, and begin to deploy in the body high rates, working as auxiliary in particular, penetrating other cells in which viruses. However, some researchers was not convinced the interpretation of Neiman.
Ron say Turner, a researcher at the University of Virginia, that he does not want to discourage one of the exercise of exercises, but there are other reasons the fact that some people more vulnerable to infection common colds, genes play an important role.
Studies indicate a few other factors play a role in the viability of the cold virus infection as sleep and stress. has found a comprehensive study by researchers at the University of Carnegie Mellon, insufficient sleep increase the possibility of infection colds.
Cohen says , a psychology professor at the University of Carnegie Mellon, that people who sleep less than 7 hours a day are three times more vulnerable to infection than those who slept 8 hours or more.
Also, it seems that the infection of colds linked to fatigue. No one - of course - can get rid of all the causes of distress and stress, but research shows that periods of stress caused long exhausting years.
ADDS Cohen that continuing the chronic problems existing - such as marriage or critical function - fraught with headaches turn linked to the largest of the risks of infection.
However, if possible exercise and reduce stress and improve sleep to reduce the risk of infection colds - even if a little bit - there may be to seek the benefits of healthy life style.

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