Exercises to lose weight

Exercises To burn calories
* Exercises to lose weight (exercises to burn calories Thermal):There are many sporting activities that can be exercised In order to burn Calories .. The key to weight loss!* Exercise:- Aerobic exercises from one of the activities that help the individual To lose weight.How many calories are burned varies depending on the effect Exercises, but on average is usually between 295-604 Per hour.- Ride a bike from other exercises that contribute to burn Calories.How many calories are burned varies according to density Used and the type of bike user, but on average Is usually between 236 - 1380 per hour.- Dance, you may marvel at some of the sport but it is Beside it burns calories to maintain weight The body, it is considered sport fun at the same time. Help dancing to burn 177-388 calories in Time.- Brisk walking burns 604 calories per hour,And running the greatest usefulness where burn a greater volume of calories 1550 calories per hour .. However, it is difficult to continually At the same speed over time to achieve this rate of burning Calories.- Basketball or handball burn 1000 calories Calories per hour.swimming burns between 236-949 in Time, depending on the type of exercise is swimming.- A game of tennis burns approximately of 690 calories in the Time.- Regular walking burns between 148-690 calories Per hour, climbing stairs burns the highest number of Calories.- Self-defense activities such as judo, karate, burn Approximately of 863 calories.* Other ways to burn calories:It possible to burn calories rights through The practice of daily activities, and it is not confined only to Physical activity Examples of these activities:- Reform of the car can burn 259 calories Per hour.- Caring for the baby works to burn 302 calories in the Time.- Home based business in any place burn between 148-388 Calories per hour.- Cooking burns 216 calories per hour.- Gardening burns 431 calories.- Playing a musical instrument even burn 259 calories Per hour.
* Tips to Burn Calories:
 - Man burns calories all the time, but Calories burned during physical activity Given the greatest installment to maintain a healthy weight.- The more intense the activity the practitioner and the movement, the more The rate of calories that are burned up.- Trying to burn calories through exercise Movement per day (routine activities), and not rely solely On physical activity.- If a person is dependent on physical activity to burn more Of calories should choose a sport that Loved.- In order that the person loses weight must burn calories More calories than intake through foods, so sad Be wary of how many calories are consumed.

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