Fitness ( Flexibility & Physical configuration ) 3

Is the ability to extend the muscles and ligaments. And we mean to increase flexibility for the extension of flexible tissue their natural limits and keep them on this situation for a few moments, and with the repetition of this process adapted to the new borders with tissue. The more flexible body, the lower the risk of injury to any harm or damage when your practice for any athletic activity but also raises the level of your performance
Useful tips:
Of exercise warm-something necessary and important before starting any athletic activity is Fitness Do not be so susceptible to cramps, and expands after physical activity relaxes muscle stress and prevent cramps. Taking into account the sense of these exercises as the only effort made so as not to cause any pain affect the human body. Simplest muscles in certain areas of your body in one day and be on a regular basis at least several times per week
Physical configuration:
The ratio of fat, bone and muscle in the human body and give us an overview of these ratios for human health and fitness in relation to its weight, age, health condition, and often goes hand in hand with the weight percentage of fat, but does not solve the one for the other. Does not mean increase in weight, obesity, because a lot of people who enjoy the fitness of a high weight in excess of the limit as a result of muscle gained in the exercise of any athletic activity, but if you suffer from the proportion of high fat, this means exposure to health risks begin to heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.
Useful tips:
Although the use of "measuring the folds of skin," in which they are making standard particular to measure the fat under the skin "is a less accurate than others but it gives good results The average percentage of fat naturally in the body of a man between 12% to nearly 18%, In the women be slightly higher, ranging between 14% to 20%, while the increase in fat than normal, the risk of him I said the rate is not recommended because the fat has some benefits and advantages of supplying human energy and maintain body temperature
- The basis of fitness as we refer always and never are two things go hand in hand cannot be achieved without one at all: nutrition, physical activity and exercise in addition to whatever the body to get a great deal of comfort.
Useful tips:
Does not support the fitness program through your options, which we'll do it on the three elements that I mentioned before (Nutrition - Sport - Comfort) only, but there are other elements that affect an effective influence on the health of your body: the type of activity which was adopted, a way persist it, unite. And also include the Made for yourself from the plans had changed your sports every 8-10 weeks means that the diversity is required as practiced by the activity, and you need your muscles always change it more responsive to him and must be offered from time to time to "shocks" and only weaken in the performance of its mission

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