Fitness ( Muscular strength & endurance ) 2

Muscle strength:
Is the ability of muscles of the body to generate a degree of power in a short period using the energy that does not rely on oxygen. These exercises help strengthen muscles and increase the size but increase the volume of tissue and the related increase in intensity because these exercises lead to muscle building and expansion of cells. Aside from an aesthetic standpoint, the greater the size of the muscle and tissue related whenever the body more flexible and less vulnerable to damage when the incidents, and helps to control your weight over the long term, as can tissue surrounding muscles burn more calories than fat, even during periods of rest
Useful tips:

(E.g. push-ups) to get the best results should be the establishment of a regulator with a focus on activities that work on the operation of a muscle-specific at all times, exercise slowly and focus and in a manner where the resistance of gravity as the directed energy lead to better results and help to be free from harm and damage. For activities that do not depend on the oxygen (i.e., that rely on anaerobic energy), it helps the secretion of acid lactic in the tissues of the muscles and this acid causes the sensation of pain, but if you-laws and the extension of your muscles and prepare them before and after exercises will prevent that from happening. Exercises pressure increase the strength of your muscles with the situation in mind that moderation in the exercise of anything is the key to avoid any damage and achieve the potential benefits, and we find that the exercises warm-something necessary and important before starting any activity, and must deal with a break for a day or two in order to recover muscle and normal
Muscular strength and endurance:

Is the standard which is measured by the potential to generate muscle force repeatedly and correctly and the time spent in muscle endurance. Muscular endurance is the practical use of force which is crucial for any activity related to fitness from weight lifting, which depends on the wind to slow the enemy, which relies on anaerobic energy, which is where the use of leg muscles frequently and regularly
Useful tips:
Increase muscular strength and endurance through the habit of being subjected to overload. And operation of normal muscle strength may have earned more, but not frequently and over-because the overload moderately lead to the same result with less exposure to harm. And weight lifting is the best way to gain muscular endurance and be three times a day from 10-12 to lift at a time and must rest between these exercises

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