Four Lies about getting a flat belly without limpness

Four Lies about getting a flat belly without limpness

Or we could call them four myths or four quotes hesitate between people as facts follow them as effective means to obtain womb without limpness.. All the matter, which seeks to achieve.

1 - the first myth - gives you the abdomen exercises planned "flat"
He could not identify the person in the body of a particular place to reduce fat, but when exercise any sporting activity, carrying of all members in the body. And calories

2 - a myth second - the upper part of the abdomen and lower two separate things from each other
It is not true, and the abdomen one part to complement some and not separate two things as some believe.. Any exercise exercise belly is part of Upper and Lower together, but there are some exercise, which either focused on the lower abdomen or buzzed overhead. If you are aimed the abdominal region upper exercises and will resort to moving the one hand, Al-Sadr basin "Crunches", if I was the lower abdomen region aims to move the basin is the one hand, Al-Sadr, "Curls." consumed during the abdomen exercises very few, if you are looking for the burning of the highest calorie there are other ad ho exercises that exercises the abdomen and strengthen the abdomen muscles, but there are layers of fat could not be seen or cremated.

3 - a myth third - should exercise the stomach a day to get the best results
If it was keen on the training of  daily, on the result of the worst, rather than the best. during rest periods, which is obtained by, you are adopting body muscles, but the exercise of exercise a day, you are taxing muscles and does not allow its construction.. In order to obtain the best results there should be a break for 48 hours.

4 - a myth fourth -  exercises during the one hand,  "Crunches" hands should be developed to strengthen the body behind the head
Does not put your hands behind your head never to strengthen the body, because in the development of the hand behind the head, there will be the reaction of against pulling down his neck muscles, exposing it to carry or pressure, which exposes you fatigue and the unwillingness to the completion of the exercises.
The advice is the development of sound hands behind Crunches or the status of the grip of hands on the authorization.
In general, to get the best results you have to perform exercises properly with non-excessive exercise for quick results with a balanced diet

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hann said...

I've learned to help you achieve success in this sport. The first important point to understand is that your abdominal exerciseonly grow to the potential in which your diet allows. For the longest time, I thought the gym is where muscles were made. The truth is that your diet is what makes them and if your diet is bad, than your muscle growth is bad.

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