Why not promote exercise fitness practitioners of each

Why not promote exercise fitness practitioners of each ?

New York: Gretchen Reynolds
A number of researchers have discovered in Finland recently that some people do not respond to the objects, as expected practice reducing weight, others do not respond to practice endurance, and in some cases unfortunate, might not respond to the body of both the exercise. In other words, there are some people do not become more powerful or fitness, both have practiced sports or not. In order to reach this result, he was subjected to 175 researchers adults are vulnerable members of the Movement of the programmer of containing the practice of sports for 21 weeks, he asked them exercise weightlifting twice in the week and some other sport run or walk, and a third group exercise types.
It was the measurement of fitness and some volunteers and the strength of their muscle before succumbing to this programmer. At the end of last week, the results, published in the beginning of this year in the magazine "Medicine and science in sports and exercise", different ranging, the rate of improvement in the bodies of volunteers in the group, which exercised strength exercises and endurance, between minus 8 per cent) in the sense that they have become less fitness by 8 per cent) to plus 42 per cent. The results were similar in the groups which have exercised the force or endurance exercises only, where the fitness of some of them rose significantly, while others did not improve fitness at all. It has also become some more fitness in the exercise of the exercises, but not more force, and some others did not show any improvement of the one hand. But a small number of volunteers improved fitness and increased their strength.

The different responses
*wrote researchers from the University of Jyvaskyla commenting on these results: "There is a big individual differences in the level of response to each of exercises endurance and strength".
often hide the results of studies, to be held on any of the program of exercises the fact that some objects might not respond to the launch of the exercise of the exercises, while others be responding to an unusually high. On average, these studies indicate that the practice of the program of exercises a certain reliable will have certain results - such as saying that the exercise of exercises run three times a week for a month will lift of the "maximum capacity of the body to breath oxygen" or would help reduce blood pressure.
It is likely that the results of these exercises for any group of practitioners, almost one. But in connection with extremist values, the results would be quite different, where he will not change (the maximum capacity to breath oxygen (or may drop or rise.
And the implications of this great diversity in response to the body exercises enormous, where he wrote Jimmy Timmons , professor of biology in Royal College of veterinary medicine in London, in an article published last month in the Journal of physiology applied "journal applied Visolojy", says: In view of all the inhabitants of the world, the results indicate that "millions of human beings will not be able to improve fitness or they are sensitive insulin, and in reducing blood pressure," through traditional exercise.

tricky answers 
*but what is the reason why the body of a person to respond strongly to this exercise, while others would be in response to weak in the best of cases? The answer to this question one, namely, the genes, but the actual mechanisms the occurrence of this complex, according to confirmed by a recent study by Dr. Timmons in cooperation with a number of researchers.

During this study, researchers were able to accurately predict who will respond more endurance practice based on the level of gene expression in 29 different were in their muscle before the start of the exercise of the exercises. These genes are not necessarily directly linked to the response to exercises, but it seems that they are linked to the ability to create more new blood vessels in the muscles, but may start or not to respond to sports exercises, scientists did not know so far.

In other words, this complex issue, such as the body itself. Dr. Timmons in a letter via e-mail, the presence of a group of the data indicate that nearly half of our ability to collar in physical "hereditary. The remaining half of the system may be due food ", or for reasons" over genetic ", which is a complex process in which the environment (the place to live human and eat) influence how and when the revitalization of genes. He added, saying: "or may be other factors", although a smaller number of the studies had been discussed in the causes of individuals in a different practice in response to the force, "There is no doubt", in that genes play a similar role.

But this does not mean that you are if exercised exercises running or weightlifting did not respond to your back, you have to stop the exercise of the exercises. Dr. Timmons said that there might be different programs exercises could provoke reactions of useful genes your body. "And we still have a long way to go before that could be some scientists say, in final form, in need of any kind of exercise, based on genetic differences and other reasons." Meanwhile, Dr. Timmons , confirmed that the owners of the poor response to continue in the exercise of the exercises.

It also has not been able so far scientists understand the underpinnings of complex for the response of the body of the exercise of the exercises, they did not understand the full implications of necessarily practice these exercises. Dr. Timmons says that even if had not been able to improve "the capacity of the body maximum to breath oxygen", bring other benefits, large and small alike, exercise, ends his words, saying: that the exercise of the exercises are still "on average one of treatments available health we have."

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