The group of wonderful exercises in pictures

The group of wonderful exercises in pictures

overlooked many of the practice of sport despite its importance for the construction of the body and protection from diseases, whether men or women, unfortunately, our children North these habits, and we suffice practicing sports for weightlifting school bag

In spite of neglecting sports women sought fitness searching for other alternatives as dieting food regulations and multiple, either men prefer the practice of some sports, which aims to strengthen the muscles and the building of the body properly, is that the practice of some sports daily walks enough to get rid of obesity and elegance, but that is totally wrong, according to confirm  me specialist slimming and therapeutic feeding and attributed this to a kilo of body fat 7000 calories, is not enough 1/2 hours to get rid of this sport fat, because one hour walking burn only 200: 300 calories, but could take advantage of the few sports daily weight is also working on the flexibility of the body and the movement without tired.

Today we are offering some exercise of interest to women and men in order to maintain the strength of model and slim bereft of fat

Exercise 1: To strengthen muscles back and stomach, Qom to sleep on the abdomen with the lifting of the head and chest moving with the highest like swimmers hands and feet.

Exercise 2:benefit this exercise to strengthen the abdomen muscles,, through lie with the lifting of the head with the assistance of individual-ups with pagan each legs on marginal exchange with hands

Exercise 3: either wheel sports serve to get rid of ghee buttocks for women and strengthen muscles legs and stretching them, and women can exercise a day by a quarter of the start of an hour then gradually increase the time.

Exercise 4: a chair with the help of a national of the work of the pressure of a reverse in the development of seating, this exercise would help to strengthen back muscles

The exercises next suited to men and exercise sports objects or who wish to highlight in the exercise of muscles and strengthening of the body, but it must not be more at the time of these exercises of 5:10 minutes especially if co-hosts

Exercise 1: sit with the integrity of afternoon, the highest fists labour from the bottom of the highest.

Exercise 2: To strengthen muscles stop rightness hands, with 1,000 hands forward then successor

Exercise 3: In the same status as former exercise, do the grip of a strong counter-productive with pay strongly on both sides towards al-Sadr.


Exercise 4: To strengthen muscles lower stem, stop rightness and click down with open ...

Exercise 5: this exercise appropriate co-hosts before the exercise of any sport, had been in place to move the body as a whole.


Experts point out that there are many errors in which the trainees and reduce the speed of enlargement and inflation muscles, the most important is not to give adequate time your muscles to rest and grow, as required, which is what he calls athletes charging excess, but to grow, you need to give them time and nutrition, who allowed it could recover and rest, and there are some indicators which Rub that you are alienating exercises in sports, including permanent you are feeling unwell, and you miss a sense of the usefulness of these exercises, and the loss of appetite.

perfect muscles

As you have to identify the most important common mistakes that may lead you to excessive exercise, which we highlighted to avoid it and keep away from it:
*increase loading on each of the Group of muscle, and exercises, which exercised by many and varied bodybuilding sportsmen should not be an example to be followed, especially as they exercise since a long period of time or they are using the means of non-natural for the development of this muscle, which may result in the risk of infection laceration and ligaments muscles.
- you on the Granting of muscles time in the exercise of the exercises, so as to give the desired effect, it frequently do, as that of non-preferred to reduce them in breach of the ability of these exercises to achieve their impact.
- beware of training a long time, duration training be enough if it did not exceed one hour, you can do your utmost in and then give yourself a sufficient time to rest.
- not only deprive muscles of carbohydrates, protein to grow properly, so if you rely on a diet harsh muscles hope will not achieve the desired results.
- do not forget getting enough sleep and body muscles grow as a whole in periods of sleep, and whenever I have said the period of your sleep whenever I have the capacity of your body to develop his muscles.
Strengthening exercises all body muscles for men
Crab taken




Bridge 2



Spider crawl

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